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A Thorough Approach To Lasting Behavior Changes

The philosophy at Rogue K9 is simple, yet intricate.  

(But worry not! We do all the problem solving equations for you.)

We believe the superior method for obedience lies in training dogs and their people how to really understand one another. It provides true, long lasting obedience, while nurturing a respectful and loving bond. We also believe that dog training is not an end result. Just as a person needs exercise to maintain a certain body physique/state of health; A dog needs that consistent message of leadership and on going established interaction as well as activities to also remain balanced.

You have a special bond with your dog. An unconditional love that Rogue K9 respects in dog owners everywhere- long before you've picked up the phone to talk with us. This respect is a cornerstone in our approach and one of our core values as a company. Dog training means a lot more to us than just sounding a clicker with a treat or pushing a button and expecting an instant animatronic response. We agree that some classical conditioning methods have practical applications in certain scenarios. However, We do not find it to be practical if the objective is to build a stronger bond, alter core behavior issues in the long term, and mend the broken trust that often comes about when your dog is uncertain of why they're being reprimanded for this or for that. Our observations and lessons will answer all the nitty gritty questions you've found yourself wondering about their behavior.


 We can tell you why they like to take your stinky socks, or why they occasionally leave you a large pile of dodo behind your dining room table, why they jump all over everyone who walks in your door, why they pull you like a maniac down the street when you spent $600 on another trainer who taught them to walk at your side, but now they're back to not listening. 

The list goes on, and on, and on.

Over 12 years in practice we've heard and seen a lot of wild things. From meeting the sweetest, most shy & passive dogs who were picking and chosing when they wanted to listen to their owner... to all the way across the spectrum, dogs who need a muzzle and a tether before I can even enter the home. 

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During the phone consultation we will craft your training plan, taking care to answer all of your questions and guiding you where improvement is actually needed. (Clients often call us and think they only need to learn one simple thing to fix their dog. We are not those people.) In the first lesson, dog behavior & body language is discussed and taught. Also it is imperative that we establish a structure in the day to day on goings with your dog as we work through learning new commands each visit. (Dogs actually thrive on a schedule!) [?]

Our method is all encompassing and gives your household more of the love and joy you seek with your furry family member; less of the chaos and frustration that is present when the dog is confused between who is actually in charge of the house.

Yes, your dog really does expect to run the show if you don't... thats not just a quip! 

We are foundation based behaviorists. We provide problem solving solutions based on an evaluation of many key variables in the dogs environment. This is why we start the rehabilitation training with our a well-rounded questionnaire & a good 35-45minute consultation phone call. It ensures that on day one we show up at your door ready for some dog training fun! Yes, even though we are spelling this out slowly for you- its actually quite fun in practice and very satisfying to take the reins and teach your dog new things!

Some of our clients are rescues who’ve been through heartbreaking conditions before arriving in your home. Some of our clients are dogs who started out as sweet puppies but quickly became destructive troublemakers who just do not understand why you’re frustrated with them. We quickly close the gap of uncertainty and train YOU how to effectively communicate boundaries and seamlessly create structure in your relationship with your dog.

We love what we do and can guarantee you will have fun in this journey and enjoy seeing your dog succeed and grow week by week. Remember the training you are paying for is an education that can be used again and again over the years as you bring new four legged friends into your life.

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