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Fully-Trained Service Dogs & Companion dogs


Nala Maxine (Max)

AKC German Shepherd

Max is a 2 year old German Shepherd trained to assist someone suffering from PTSD, or Depression & Anxiety. Tasks she performs are Deep Pressure Therapy, Desensitization for anxiety & disassociation, Self-harm and night terror disruption. She is also trained to keep people at a comfortable distance and is protective of her handler.

She prefers women but would do well with anyone who has a strong personality to manage and maintain her HIGH working drive, but they must also enjoy some serious cuddles, because when she is not working or waiting for you to play catch with her- she is very loving and will shower you with affection.


Her ideal home would be with a soldier/veteran or police officer,  someone who can exhibit a solid command presence and a disciplined routine to manage and match Max's energy drive. She has a solid prey drive for tennis balls, but is gentle with cats who are comfortable with dogs. She requires an active lifestyle to keep her balanced as well as a daily game of fetch or find it. She loves the water and the snow.

Max comes from our partners at Singleton Shepherds. She has a UKC Champion father (GHOST Von Singleton), an AKC working line mother (LIZ) and a titled IPO grandfather (Grif Vanto vom Szymczyk).

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Male F2b Goldendoodle

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Dogs available in 2023

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