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Lets face it.

You're here because your dog has gone rogue,

and you're not sure why.

Our clients choose us because they seek a comprehensive approach that mends trust and builds confidence in the dog/owner dynamic. Lessons follow step-by-step tiered objectives that work to build clear communication through a combination and utilization of predominantly simple body language techniques & verbal commands while the dog is on a lead.

Each lesson progresses gradually from the prior lessons objective.

This approach provides clients with a thorough understanding of their dogs personality and how best to advance their training specifically. The end result is not only an immensely improved bond with your dog, but the long term on & off-leash control dog owners seek. 

Simply put, our training is most often behavioral rehabilitation that works by solving problems at the source. It also develops a stronger bond with your dog while teaching a new leadership dynamic.

Every client who follows our program as outlined while putting in the necessary effort gets the desired results shown in our videos.  


...the dog behavior, that is

It’s one thing to give a dog a treat, or click a button to prompt for a desired behavior.


Our difference is that we have over a decade of experience in getting to the root of the issue with our behavioral approach that heals the broken relationship you and your dog have accidentally stumbled into. We know you mean well for your dog. That is why you're here seeking answers. Every client who follows our protocol and makes the effort to create those new behaviors in their dog/owner dynamic sees incredible success and gracious change by the end of the first lesson, however behavior continues to improve exponentially as we work through the program.


We sometimes see ads promising change in 5-10 minutes of training and we giggle at this.  We ALWAYS see change, but we enlist YOU to be the one holding the leash when you do.  And with our training, a leash and a martingale style collar is all you need to get started. Click here read about our training tools


We value the relationship between you and your dog. We firmly believe that your dog is a lifelong partner in your home, and respect the notion that real change requires time, love, and yes, sometimes patience. Nothing in life worth having can truly be had without working for it.


And so we ask you:


Can you work 20-30 minutes a day for a life long change in your dog?


Are you willing to make the minor adjustments that will rebuild the line of communication between you and your dog?


Would you choose someone who seeks the betterment for your entire households well-being and provide you lasting results?


If the answer to these questions are yes, fill out our questionnaire or call to get started today!



Meet The Team

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