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The Full Story

OUR SERVICE DOGS ARE UNIQUE.  We give our clients the option to start with a puppy and grow with their dog. We also offer a selection of dogs who are already working on their training! This allows for even shorter wait times for you to get your special companion.

Pre-trained dogs are very limited so apply today to reserve yours!


Puppies available trained for psychiatric work are generally ready within one year due to our specific training method. Our skilled trainers will evaluate your desired litter using aptitude tests and volbergs method to find the optimal candidate for our program. Puppies begin at 7-8 weeks, in the beginning of their socialization period. [Talk about why this benefits the dog more here]


Clients must be an active part of the dogs training in order to graduate with their dog. This is due to the reality that a service dogs training does not end when they leave our facility. We make sure our clients are well rounded in their training and handling skills to maintain and even go on to train their dogs MORE than when the pup graduates. We strive for your long term satisfaction in your pup which is why we require our clients to be an active part of the process. We are always here to guide our clients where as most programs only guarantee one year additional assistance before leaving their teams fate up to them.

Service Dog Inquiry

Tell us what your service dog needs are so that we can provide you an application!

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